About Me

I’m an Entrepreneur, and Active Real Estate Investor.  I try to mentor, motivate, and pay it forward.

Jeff Filali (Fa-LAH-lee) has been an entrepreneur nearly all of his life.
He started his first business when he was only 12 years old by talking his parents into allowing him to use the family lawnmower to mow yards for extra money.  After high school, he opened a restaurant at only 18 years old.  Three years later he sold it and took a job managing a night club.  Two years later, he decided to pursue a job in direct, door to door sales.

This is where he credits a lot of his success, by gaining valuable experience in direct sales at an early age.  ​​
He would spend the next 5 years in direct sales, and started doing a lot of consulting work on the side, while trying to get back ahead.

In 2011, he took a part-time job coaching college athletics, and continued to work several side businesses including Consulting Services, Real Estate Investing, Baseball/Softball Instruction, and Event Hosting.

By 2015, his various business ventures were doing very well, so he decided to form RBI Enterprises, LLC a holding company to oversee all of his business ventures, subsidiaries, and assets under one umbrella.

Filali believes in paying it forward, and donates a lot of his time and money coaching college softball, and running a youth sports organization.  He has a passion for helping young people get college scholarships to help them pursue better futures.

He resides in Broken Arrow, Okla. and runs RBI Enterprises, LLC & Subsidiaries.
​​​After a year of working with a very strong direct sales company, he started his own marketing business.  A year later he had a few dozen salesmen working for him and was making very good money, but he decided to merge his company with two partners who had a similar company, together they planned to go nationwide. 

Well, fast forward three years later to 2004, and the company was going broke.  He had nothing left, was BROKE....ROCK BOTTOM!!!  ​​